Miguel Meléndez

For Rochester City Council

I believe in neighborhood revitalization, coalition building, and advancing equity. Where we have concentrated challenges, we must have concentrated solutions and investments. Throughout my professional career, my work has been rooted in neighborhoods as an advocate for improving quality of life. My work has been the people’s work. I cherish the opportunity to articulate grassroots issues, uplift everyday voices, and advocate with residents.

Miguel Meléndez at High Falls in Rochester, NY
Photo Credit: Medina's Photography

My name is Miguel Meléndez,

A lifelong Rochester native, a husband, father of three, community organizer, advocate, and current member of Rochester City Council. I have dedicated my entire career to building bridges and seeking solutions to complex problems. I have advocated for many investments, pushed community engagement processes to a higher standard, and increased awareness around pressing issues such as the opioid crisis. I have a registered track record of advancing and lifting the voices of residents and doing the work with people.

Miguel Meléndez and Family
Photo Credit: Medina's Photography